Staff and Stipended Volunteer Positions

Our Approach to Paid Positions

TPI has been looking for a way to offer stipends to volunteers so we can pay people who would be better able to volunteer if that participation came with financial assistance such as help with utility bills and rent. However, IRS and Labor laws interfere with our ability to do so in any substantial degree. For this reason, we have designed a way that we can offer paid positions that we intend to increase over time as we work out the system better. Staff positions are considered more consistent, and stipend volunteer positions can be more flexible.

We are also designating our position openings as committee members to help build our our organization as defined in the member guide. The Member Guide can be found here.

We expect to hire one person to work out problems in the system, then increase the hiring to expand our work across the committees. In this way, we hope to maintain our grassroots volunteer approach while providing financial assistance to those who need it!

Staff Positions

Initial staff positions will be part time, with an expectation that staff put in about 15 to 20 hours per week, but that can vary. Pay starts at $15 per hour, and as long as the staff person puts in at least 40 hours a month, benefits include a $65 healthcare stipend each month. Discretionary leave that can be taken due to illness or any other approved reason is also accrued on an hourly basis.

Stipended Positions

Stipended positions are also considered employee positions, but the number of hours one puts in can be very flexible. Pay is $15 per hour, and if the stipended person puts in at least 20 hours per month, they will receive a healthcare stipend of $30; those putting in at least 40 hours per month will receive a healthcare stipend of $65. Stipended positions do not acrue discretionary leave.

We currently have no openings for stipended positions.

Staff Positions Descriptions

We currently have no staff positions open.